郡上八幡国際友好協会GIFA ホームステイ
2019岐阜大学サマースクール郡上八幡プログラム ホームステイ事業 ホストファミリーと留学生

GIFA(GujoHachiman International Friendship Association)は、郡上八幡国際友好協会の略称です。 ギファと呼んでください。








GIFA stands for the Gujo Hachiman International

Friendship Association, but please just call us “Gifa”.

2019 marks thirty years since GIFA was established

in 1989 as a civic organisation with the aim of

extending the circle of international exchange .

Since our founding, we have undertaken a wide

range of multicultural activities involving people

from all over the world, under the banner of

“Strengthening our Region through

Multiculturalism”. GIFA continues to provide

meaningful opportunities for international students

and Gujo residents from overseas through cultural

exchange, homestay and education projects.

Activities such as these provide the opportunity for

Gujo to connect to the world and for us to let the

world know what a great place Gujo is.

Our activities are supported by volunteers and the

people of Gujo and are funded through individual

and corporate memberships, and grants from Gujo


やさしい日本語教室 最終回をむかえました!


協会 会員募集中!


年会費3000円 会員になって、一緒に郡上八幡の魅力を海外の方に紹介しましょう。