About Us

GIFA (GujoHachiman International Friendship Association) is an abbreviation for Gujo Hachiman International Friendship Association. Please call me Gifa.

In 2019, we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of establishment.

Established in 1989, accepting foreign students' homestays and living in the city centered on activities such as “international understanding business”, “international exchange business” and “international contribution business” under the motto “Community Development with Multicultural Coexistence” We continue multicultural activities for foreigners. Gujo serves as an opportunity to connect with the world, helping to convey the charm of Gujo to people from other countries through its activities.

The Gujo Hachiman International Friendship Association was born at the end of 1989 as a civic organization with the aim of "widening the circle of international exchange".


The activities are supported by volunteers and citizens, and the budget is managed by individual membership fees, corporate membership fees, and subsidies from Gujo City.